The day was shining, I saw her,
I found, what I felt never.
Her touch was soft as leaves are new,
Looking very shinier by bathing in the dew.
I was amazed by seeing her glow,
She was full with the charm,
from top to the toe.
Although she has everything,
Having also a charmless Bling.
But she was looking in a fog,
Seems like someone gave her a jog.
Little by little she was losing her shine,
And want to tell me, she wasn’t fine.
She came close to me,
As she has a pray,
That we harmed her a lot,
Now we should please stay.
She awared, we will lose her a day,
Try to save or pine her away.
I suddenly wake up from the dream,
Realising, we are destroying
Our beautiful nature’s theme.


Please make our world green. Do what you can to save it. It’s our prime duty. By saving them we are also protecting ourselves. Be a SAVIOUR.