It is not just a key ring. It has very strong feeling of my love for my girl – My Laddu. Her name brings a very cute smile on my face and make me happy everytime I call her by this name. Doesn’t matter how sad I am or what circumstances are present around me, when loving and thinking about her I just simply become a happier person than ever. Her name gave me courage to fight with any problem, bigger or smaller, doesn’t matter. I have thousands of feeling for you Laddu but I can’t tell you due to lack of words. I can’t tell you, who you are for me, what is the place of your in my life. I just have a simple line to tell you all my feelings that You are my breathe, my heart, my everything. You are my Laddu. 

I love you Laddu and I need you in my life till the end.

Meri Laddu, Meri Gudia.

Forever yours – Aj